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About the Artist

Nikolai (Nik) Petrov is a highly respected sculptor living in Toronto, Canada. He works predominantly with wood in the abstract style.

Since early childhood Nik was fascinated by sci-fi literature, which became the source of his imagination invoking mystic imagery in his mind. And he always had the desire to make something meaningful with his own hands. The boy’s main materials were pieces of wood found in the neighborhood; and the tools were borrowed from his father’s tool box.

Later on, he found the other source of inspiration in music. “Music is the most abstract matter, which creates associative images in our brain. Studying music and playing piano  gave me the feeling of harmony and understanding of esthetics”, says Nik.


And, finally, the mathematics faculty of the Aviation Institute launched the flight off the grounds of objectivity. Nikolai’s first sculptures were of scientific nature: The Moebius strip and the Rose of Wind, which indicated the tendency of his future works and the direction taken in the Art school. Nick considers himself to be the follower of Futurism, the powerful Modern Art direction of the beginning of the 20th century.

At present, Nick’s main theme is the interaction of elements, movement of energy and substances.

Nik continues working with wood. Per Nik, a tree in its growth process absorbs the energy of all elements of earth, water and the sun. Therefore, the tree is the concentration of vital energy, of all elements that generate life. When you use wood as a material in your art works, you can feel it giving back this energy.

Nik’s art creations always invoke phantasy and carry positive energy

Nikolai Petrov talks about his work and working process

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